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Trophies of The Pickwick Bicycle Club


Pickwick Bicycle Club

August 14th 1880



Presented by

J. W. Beningfield



W. R. Salaman



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Ian Brodie Trophy for most shots on the 18th hole
1995 Mr Wicks (James Mepham)

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Cobblers Cup
1995 Tom Martin (Cedric Dickens)

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Jinkins Balls for something exceptional on the golf course

2012 Baillie MacSomething
2007 Alfred Jingle (RonBeale)
2004 Middlesex Dumpling (Martin Audas)

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The Crandyke Cup for guest golfers

2012 John Whitbread (guest of Smithers)
2007 John Whitbread
2006 John Whitbread
2005 Bev Steel
2004 Peter Godfrey
1995 N. Smith

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The Namby Cup (Golf)

2012 Smithers (David Lincoln)
2007 Ramsey (Carl Wilkinson)
2006 Staple (Mick Rumbold)
2005 Sgt. Buzfuz (Stephen Downham)
2004 Samkin (Peter Legg)
2003 Sgt. Buzfuz (Stephen Downham)
1995 Slum (Adrian Ash)

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The Measured Time Trophy

Awarded annually to a Pickwick Bicycle Club Member by Mr Pickwick. Gifted to the Club by Peter Magnus (Keith Robins) in 2009.

2011 Mr Mallard (Ray Kelly, aged 66)
Completed the 1230km (768 miles) Paris-Brest-Paris 2011 event in 88 hours 24 minutes

2010 Joseph Smiggers (Stephen Bullen, aged 62)
62 miles in 3 hours 35 minutes

2009 Pruffle (Aiden Hegarty)
848 miles in 8 days 8 hours 30 minutes



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The Peter Magnus Trophy

Guest, Martin Quest, received the Peter Magnus Trophy on the 22 September 2011.


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The Dr Payne Trophy

The Dadswell brothers were presented with the Dr Payne Trophy on the 22 September 2011 


 Dr Payne

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The Blink's Bowl

Our President, Samuel Pickwick (Blink), was poorly, so it was decided that the Blink's Bowl will be presented at the Golf/Cycle day. 

2012 - Mr Podder (David Devine)
2011 - Joseph Smiggers PVPMPC (Stephen Bullen)
2007 - Mr Brooks ( Michael Radford)
2006 - Bullman (Brian Vandervilt)
2005 - Mr Pickwick / Bailie MacSomething (John Morris)
2004 - Mr Justice Starleigh (Ron Gray)


 Blinks Bowl

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The "Highgate Cycling Club" Cup

This trophy is presented at the Hampton Court ride to the person who has travelled furthest to attend the meeting.

On the 22 September 2011 it was presented to Frank Simmery (Helmut Stibal) who traveled from the Black Forest in Germany.

2010 - Joseph Smiggers (Stephen Bullen)
traveled from Evsham, Worcestershire




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The "Winkle" Cup (missing since 1940)

Gifted to the Club by Nathaniel Winkle (R D F Paul) in 1925.


Dr Slammer (Dr G A Shepherd)
Mr Slasher (F Charlton)
Hon. Wilmot Snipe (J T Chasney)
Job Trotter (A Henderson)
Geo. Heyling (J A Bunch)
Geo. Nupkins (R W Milligan
Jonas Mudge (Bram Kerr)
Geo. Heyling (J A Bunch)
Hon. Mr Crushton (A Stephens)
Mr Dowler (J R Hopper)
Punch (R G Walker)
Jonas Mudge (Bram Kerr)
Punch (R G Walker)
Nathaniel Winkle (R D F Paul)
Nathaniel Winkle (R D F Paul)

Nathaniel Winkle Cup
2007 Suffolk Bantam (Bob Thorn)
2006 Fogg (Brian Chapman)
2004 Allen Townsend (Guest of Sgt. Buzfuz)
1995 not awarded 

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Twenty-Four Hours Road Rides
Club Gold Medals


G T Clough 200 1/2 miles


Herbert C Hill 222 miles 1 furlongs


A J Smith 207 miles


Lt-Col. T J Boulter 218 miles 6f
C E Doyle (tricycle) 202 miles 6f


A J Smith 240 miles
F J Field 240 miles


H Kirkham 224 miles 6f


E M Hardy 261 miles 3f


Joseph Atto 281 miles*
* This was a presentation medal for this ride, done in the North Road Cycling Club’s Twenty-four Hours Open Competition.
Club Silver Medals


John Walter Raybould 182 miles 2f


G T Clough 197½ miles
H W Tatum 189½ miles
W J Hunter 180 miles


H W Tatum 216 miles 7f
W J Hunter 210 miles 3f
C H Cole (Facile) 206 miles 7f


Lt-Col. T J Boulter 187 miles 4f


J R Hudston (Tricycle) 198 miles 2f
A E Hunt 183miles 4f
F J Field 181 miles 4f


Lt-Col. T J Boulter (Tricycle) 164½ miles in 21½ hours
Joseph Atto 198¼ miles in 19½ hours
Club Bronze Medals J.R. Hudston 144 miles (Tricycle)


These rides were abolished in 1893.
However, Club members continue to rise to the 24 hour challenge.






Gold Medal J Foxley-Norris 287 miles


Silver Medal F J Hobday 332 ½ miles


Jim Mepham (Mr Wicks) rode 330 miles in the National Championship 24 hour TT

Club Challenge Cup  - Value Fifty Guineas


1. To be competed for annually on a racing path – distance 25 miles.

2. The winner to receive the Gold Medal of the Club, his name to be engraved on the Cup, and he to be considered Champion of the Club for the year.

3. The Cup to become the property of the member who shall win it three times in succession or five times in all.

4. The second and third men to receive the Silver and Bronze Medals of the Club respectively.

5. The Cup to remain the property of the Club until absolutely won under the above conditions.

6. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals will not be awarded should the time of the winner exceed more than 1½ hours, unless the Committee consider there is sufficient cause on the day of the contest to extend the above limit and give notice of the same to competitors at the starting post.

1878  A Tarling
1879  E A Rants
1880  A Tarling
1881  J Horn
1882  J Horn
1883  S Kemp
1884  H Mann
1885  F J Nicolas
1886  H Mann
1887  H Mann
1888  H Mann

The last win, being the third in succession, made the Cup Mr Mann’s own personal property.

Second Club Challenge Cup – Value Ten Guineas
Presented by Sir William Charley, QC, 1889

1890  H Kirkham
1891  S C Rhodes
1892  H Kirkham
1893  E Hill
1894  J Atto
1895  F W Briggs
1896  A W Ulrich
1897  J Atto
1898  E Hill
1899  E Hill

The Cup having been won three times by Mr E Hill then became his property.


One-Mile Gold Medal

In July 1885 the Club awarded M. Webber the Gold Medal for beating the previous record by two seconds with two minutes, 41.25 seconds.