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Some interesting photos and facts from the Pickwick Bicycle Club collection


From a journal by George Foster of a bicycle trip through the Pyrenees in 1899 

...Whilst standing in the street discussing whether to go on further and “chance” what accommodation we could get, or to stay in this quaint old town, a man in cycling costume came up and addressed us in English. We were of course rather surprised. I was uncertain at first whether our new acquaintance was a Yankee or an Englishman, but soon found he was the latter. He was Mr Boulter of The Pickwick C.C. and turned out a fine fellow.  


Read the full, intersting story


Some interesting Cycling History Milestones - http://retrocycleclub.org/cycling_milestones.htm

Pickwick Screen - Dickens Exhibition 1903

Hammersmith Bridge - 1900
Hammersmith Bridge - 1900

A 19th Centerary Membership Certificate
A 19th Centerary Membership Certificate

Performance Certificate
An old Performance Certificate 

Harlow Bicycle Museum
Information on Bicycle Clubs on plaque in the Harlow Bicycle Museum

Walter W Welford
Walter W Welford, Secretary of the Bicycle Touring Club

Sam Weller? at the George & Vulture
Unknown (Sam Weller?) from the Dickens Museum - possibly at the George & Vulture

The 'Original Member' marked on the back, Herbert Bridge Past President

Dickens with D'israeli

Colour drawing of Mr Pickwick with Flags - from the Dickens Collection

Count Smorltork
Count Smorlltork

St Clements Church, Ipswich
St Clements Church, Ipswich - from Pickwick Papers

From the Bull Inn, Whitechapel - Where Mr Pickwick caught the coach to Ipswich

Bull Inn Yard

Leather Bottle, Cobham
The Parlour of the Leather Bottle, Cobham

Leather Bottle, Cobham
Unconfirmed but possibly the same Parlour at a latter date...

Still hanging in the Leather Bottle, Cobham